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Darling Organic Wooden Butt Plug


Give your derriere an upgrade 


The smooth tapered plug can be placed with the handle curved forward for sensations against the perineum or kept out of the way towards the rear. 

The narrow neck helps the buttocks rest comfortably for extended wear, however, the width of this sculpture suggests use for adventurous backdoor players.

The plug provides a pleasing sensation of fullness as the curved handle nestles against anus.


iCandi Darling Organic Wooden Butt Plug coatings and processes stem from years of meticulous research and development and meet medical standards. 

iCandi Darling Organic Wooden Butt Plug is encapsulated in coatings that are odorless, may be soaked in water, and remain in body-contact for hours at a time - no waxes to melt away, no salad bowl oils to leach out or maintain, and no toxic petroleum distillates.


iCandi Darling Organic Wooden Butt Plug is compatible with popular commercially available lubricants including but not limited to oils, water/glycerin and silicone-based lubricants.

iCandi Darling Organic Wooden Butt Plug finish is smooth and non-porous, it means that even a little lubrication goes a long way. 


A significant portion of the sculpting process is dedicated to smoothing and polishing our toys, and then we seal the wood with our impermeable polymer coating. Why is the sealant important? When carved wood comes into contact with moisture, it absorbs those fluids and becomes rough, bumpy and even splintery.


Most wood sealants considered ‘food safe’ will break down or dissolve over time, so we spent a long time searching for a sealant to make our wood waterproof and body safe. We’re delighted with the sealants’ performance - we’ve found a way to enhance the natural beauty of wood and make it waterproof and hypo-allergenic. When moisture can’t be absorbed by the wood, there’s no worry about splinters, in fact, iCandi Darling Organic Wooden Butt Plug are so silky and smooth.



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