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iCandi Pleasure Bead Set


Customize Your Kegel Workout With Weighted Kegel Balls!

Enjoy stronger O with this set of variable weighted Ben Wa Balls!

  • Enhance your Kegel workouts with a set of challenging Ben Wa Balls
  • Beginners can start small while more experienced users go big
  • Use one or more balls to customize your Kegel workout
  • Quick & easy removal
  • Each ball measures 1.4 inches wide by 6 inches long, including the stem
  • Balls vary in weight, ranging from 1.06 to 3.88 ounces
  • Made from smooth and hypoallergenic silicone

The iCandi Pleasure Bead Ball Set tones your Kegels faster than ever giving you stronger and longer-lasting Os while improving your muscle control at the same time! Simply pop one or more balls into place before starting your Kegel workout. The Ben Wa Balls provide resistance as you squeeze to strengthen your muscles. As an added bonus, the Ben Wa Balls are also weighted helping tone your vaginal muscles even more as you hold them in place.

The stem doubles as a retrieval cord for your safety allowing you to remove the balls quickly and easily when you're done. 

The Kegel Balls measure 1.4 inches wide by 6 inches long, including the retrieval cord. The balls weigh 1.06 and 3.88 ounces.  The Ben Wa Balls are made from soft and smooth silicone, a hypoallergenic material that's safe for people with sensitive skin or severe allergies.

The Ben Wa Balls are compatible with water-based lubes only. Wash the balls in warm, soapy water after use and dry them with a lint-free cloth so they're ready for next time.

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