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Seriously! Tips For Starting Your Relationship Off The Right Way

Posted on June 14 2017


Starting your relation off the right way


Love is a precious gift to earn but not an entitlement there are numerous Ingredients of love and they are made up of special spices that makes loving worth it. I will go over a few without making this post too long. I bring you these tips for starting your relation off the right way. I hope you like it!

Starting your relation off the right way

Friendship: it is a primary ingredient and what holds love together; friendship is the ability to say anything to your partner without worrying about being judged. As lovers and best friends you should always look out and help each other and never take advantage of each other. Friendship is important for keeping the relation off the right way since the beginning!

Respect: you must respect yourself and your partner and never compromise when it comes to respect. You must respect yourself before anyone can love you if you don’t then others can do as they please. Your partner must be dependable and true to their words and they should always tell you the truth when you ask for it. The foundations of relationships are based on respect, integrity, honesty and courage.

Trust: If you cannot trust yourself then you shouldn’t be trusted, give people the benefit of the doubt unless they prove otherwise. True love requires trust because it gives peace of mind remember that trust must be earned overtime and gradually.  I think the mistake most people make is giving it away just like it’s nothing. I myself have found myself in situations where I trusted and later regret it because I didn’t’ do the due diligence needed before just trusting others blindly.

Make amends for the trust that you’ve lost by following through with things you say you will do if you promise your partner you will do something always follow through if you can’t communicate it with them. Finally if you are shady or ghosting on your partner you can’t be trusted moral of the story is if you are trust worthy you will most likely attract people that are trustworthy.  You can know more about trust and other topics in this article things to know about millennials and sex in 2017

Communication: The magic ingredient in a relationship is good communication. Good communication can release strong energy and enhance your partnership.  Share your wants, needs and desires with your partner because they can’t read your mind.  The best ways to get your message across without any misinterpretation is communicating and saying what you mean, this is important to maintain your relation off the right way, and your couple will enjoy it.

Compliments: these are the bedrock for romance for a relationship to grow stronger by expressing caring for and also attraction to each other. Give them emotional physical and emotional compliment at least once a day. Tell them they look great this morning, I love your smile honey or I am so in love with you and very happy to call you mine.  

Complete this foundation building exercise with your partner

List 3 strength and 3 weaknesses share it with each other and talk about how can you practice showing love for your partner and then practice it together. I hope you enjoyed this article about starting your relation off the right way, I'd like to know your opinion, this is a free space where everyone can express himself. See you on next article! Don't forget to visit our store!




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