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Things You Should Know Now That More People Of All Ages Are Dating Online.

Posted on September 21 2017


     Online dating isn’t as advanced and revolutionary as we think. In fact, forms of being matched to others by filling out questionnaires and using a computer algorithm to find your soulmate can actually be traced back to the early 1960’s. In the past few decades the surge of social media and ease of connecting to others online have revamped the platforms we use, but the idea hasn’t changed.


Delving into the realm of online dating can be exciting. The prospects of meeting someone who truly aligns with your morals and values is exhilarating and often times traditional dating can be exhausting. While this all sounds great, the stories circulating around the internet sometimes tell a different tale.


 I wanted to dig into the hard truth of online dating. What are the real positive and negatives of using cyberspace to find a meaningful, lifelong connection?



Let’s go ahead and get the negative out of the way, shall we?


Creepers Everywhere

     Creeps, predators, and everything in between hangout on the interweb waiting to find their next victim. As scary as that sounds, it is an unfortunate truth to the online age. There are ways to eliminate and research these profiles, but it can sometimes be tedious and time-consuming.


Really Single?

     A friend of mine’s boss walked into her cubicle one day with a look of disbelief. After she asked what was wrong, her boss showed screenshots of my friend’s husband on a dating app claiming he was single and ready to mingle. Sadly, this is not an uncommon occurrence. Making sure your matches are truly single can take some digging.



Other than the obvious pro, meeting people you wouldn’t normally connect with, here are some other great byproducts of online dating.


Weed Out Deal Breakers

     There is nothing worse than meeting someone in a bar that you connect with, going on a few dates, then after dinner watching them light up a smoke which just so happens to be your number one deal breaker. Being able to make a list of things you feel strongly about like religion, politics, and even favorite sports teams is helpful when finding your model future spouse.

Learning About Yourself

     Filling out a questionnaire about your “dream” partner also helps you learn a lot about the things you truly value in someone else. It forces you to come to terms with some things about yourself that are imperfect, allowing you to let someone in your life that may have a few flaws. For example, if you think that you only want to date someone that is adventurous, you go on two hikes and change your mind, you know to delete adventurous from your list of must-haves.

     Let’s face it - dating in general is tough. Whether it is online or through traditional means of meeting others. The added element of anonymity the internet possess has both pros and cons. Considering these sources to find love isn’t absurd and may even lead to your fairy tale ending.




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