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All you have to know about the art of flirting!

Posted on May 22 2017

What does your body says of you?


    According to Merriam Webster flirting is to behave in a way that shows a sexual attraction for someone but is not meant to be taken seriously.  Flirting is exciting, natural, a way of connecting with others and it feels amazing.

 Flirting is expressed through interaction via conversation and body language speaking in a certain way or looking at someone in a certain way can be considered flirtatious.  It is a way of letting others know that you are interested in them or that you are open and attracted to them. But, What does your body vibe say to others? We help you to discover here in

 What does your body vibe say to others when flirting?

   There are numerous ways to flirt and display attractiveness and are expressed in so many ways.  You can flirt by complementing, asking questions, talking on the phone, sending sexy text messages, body language, eye contact.  Flirting shouldn’t be nerve wrecking it should be entertaining, fun, inviting, adventurous and so much more.


   Flirting is a way to get to know someone else and letting them know that you are attracted to them. It should be away to make someone else feel good. To make flirting successful watch your body language; have a good posture by stand up straight with your head held up high and chest out, if sitting down cross your legs if you are a woman and make sure that you smile.  Watch your vocal signals the tone, tempo and volume of your voice can be flirtatious. A slow deep toned voice with direct eye contact is a sign of attraction whereas a quick tempo or monotone voice without eye contact means they are not interested.

Those are the more common signals that your body say to others when flirting, be aware because sometimes you can give fake illusions! 

 Flirting techniques that may help you

   There are some flirting techniques that works very well with flirting; start off with playful conversations. It can help break the ice like using an open ended complement that can lead to a conversation.  Flattery comments like “I love your smile” can make a person feel good and return a positive comment towards you which can lead to positive vibes and conversations.

Chivalry such as opening the door, pulling out chairs, saying please and thank you (ladies this one is for you) lately I have been hearing women say chivalry is dead but my fellow beautiful and sexy women chivalry is not dead. Chivalry is a two way Street, if a man opens the door for you please say thank you or please if you need assistance with something and remember chivalry is a sign of respect so don’t take it for granted.


   I saw on a post yesterday a woman asking if sex in a marriage or long term relationship gets old after a while. I thought to myself nonsense if gets old if you forget to nourish your marriage or relationship. A perfect way to keep the sparks going with your spouse or partner is to leave little love notes for each other, leave sexy voice mails, send playful texts (sexting) or email (thank God for the eggplant or peach emoji). Plan date night and both should be involved in planning date nights. Flirting and showing your love will reassure your lover that they are beautiful, handsome and you love having them around.

 Try positive flirting behaviors

   Negative flirting behaviors such as shyness, fear rejection and anxiety can hold you back from successfully flirting. Try these positive flirting behaviors confidence, positive attitude, communication, be playful and be spontaneous.  Positive vibes are essential for successful flirting because it attracts people with positive attitude, live and enjoy for today. Go out and mingle with others because sitting around and hoping Miss or Mr. Right comes along isn’t going to happen. You have to go out and find them.

   Complement when flirting like I love your smile, you smell so good, what perfume/cologne are you wearing, I Like your haircut, it looks good on you. These are complements that are conversation starters I mean who doesn’t like a compliment. Funny flirting are also great well at least if you have good jokes, if you are not the comedian type just stay away because it might come out as corny or creepy. Also, keep watching your body behaviour while flirting if you are not interested at all.


   Once you are done flirting.. Don’t just say okay bye but finish off with a great line and leave them impressed and wanting to know more of you.   Finish with something like “it was really nice meeting you I hope to see you again. If it is okay with you can I have your number?  

    If they say no It is not a big deal don’t worry and don’t get discouraged have fun and keep that positive vibe!

Patience and some of lucky is the key of having good flirting, don't forget to share  if you found it useful and let us to know your opinion below. Visit our store 

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