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5 Things You Shouldn’t Accept In Bed!

Posted on May 01 2017

Things you shouldn't accept in bed



   I usually tell most people specifically women that they should learn how to be confident and command respect. If you can learn to do both you will attract partners that are matured. I know... You might think what does she mean by a mature partner. I mean an individual who will accept you, for who you are, Confident, respectful, open minded and sexually positive. I am not referring to age here I mean someone who will come in terms with your sexual needs and is able to fulfill them.

That's why today we bring this article perfect for girls and guys. These are 5 things you shouldn't accept in bed, no matter how much you love your couple, you demand respect as woman and human being.

5 things you shouldn't accept in bed. 

     I said earlier you need to be confident and command respect and I will tie it back to knowing and loving your body. Don’t worry about what you look like naked but adore what you look like naked and enjoy the moment.

     I told a couple of friends a while ago if you are a grown ass woman and you’ve never taken a mirror to see what your vagina looks like down there … tsk tsk tsk do yourself a favor and look down there and without further ado here are 5 things you shouldn’t accept in bed.


1. Not listening or responding to directions

How frustrating have you been when you tell someone how you like something or do something but then they do the opposite! Whelp if you are like me it is very annoying and more than anything kills the mood for me. So when you tell your partner this is what you like and this is how you being pleased and they are not willing to adapt and fulfill your needs without getting the ego bruised... meh it ain’t worth it. This is th first thing you shouldn't accept in bed.


 2. Shaming

You shouldn’t accept closed mindedness because your partner should be open minded and shouldn’t shame you for your fetishes or kink- shames you. Everyone has something that knocks their socks off so investing in an open minded and a judgment free zone is a must in order to discuss your fantasies or secret desires. Some are into kinky bondage and pegging but most importantly find someone who won't judge you or your sexual desires. Acceptance is the unique thing you may accept in bed, trust us!


3. Body-shaming

This is where your confidence level will play a role in your relationship. If you can’t accept yourself for who you are or know your body form A-Z how do you expect someone else to do that for you?  Body shaming is so not cool! I have experienced body shaming. I remember my ex asking me to use specific brand products for my skin, go hard in the gym, get laser hair removal because to him it will make me look better than I did. I went with it for a while because I was young until I was aware that if I don’t love myself for who I am anyone will waltz into my life and think it is their right to change me.

Don’t tolerate a partner that will poke fun at your body and make you feel less than you are, this is one of the most important thing you shouldn't accept in bed, for real!. I mean there is a difference between casually poking fun than tearing someone down. I am at a stage in my life now that if others don’t like something... I tell them to KEEP IT MOVING!


 4. Selfishness

This is like the deal breaker! Having a selfish lover is the worst of all on this list. If your partner only thinks about their own orgasm instead of yours it’s time to go. If it is always one sided and the other is always left hanging then darling find yourself a new partner because both partners should focus on satisfying each other. Understanding that sometimes it might take longer or you might not reach the point of climax at least your partner tried.


 5. Know your body

So remember when I said earlier take a mirror and look down there … whelp here we go! The only way you will know about your body is actually looking and understanding what works for you. If you don’t masturbate and you don't know what turns you on or where your G-spot is located how do you think someone else will?

Be open to education and educate yourself i usually recommend using sex toys like the Anna Rabbit Vibrator  to know what your body wants or likes and also keep in mind that not everyone reaches climax the same way so finding out absolutely what you like will help narrow it down. 

 Remember, if you've accepted one of these things maybe you should reconsider your relationship. Well the, these were 5 things you shouldn't accept in bed, I hope you enjoy this article and comment your opinion below. 

See you!

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