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3 Things All Men Need To Know About The Female Orgasm

Posted on January 14 2017

Giving pleasure to a girl is not an easy task, and it is harder if you don't know the woman's body really well. Here are the three things that every man should know about female orgasm:

1. the average female needs about 20 minutes of direct stimulation.

So the moral of the story is that you should be patient, prime her up and try to hold off your own pleasure for as long as you can. This is especially true for women who have problems producing natural lubrication. If you want to reach the point of no return together, giver her at least a 20-minute head start.

2. Women also experience the equivalent of ‘blue balls’.

You already know what blue balls mean – but you probably didn’t know that women experience an equivalent of this, too. Once she gets extremely turned on, the clitoris becomes engorged with blood. If this is not released through an orgasm, she will experience the same level of discomfort that you feel in your penis once your sexual tension isn’t released.

So when you’re going down on her, for example, help build up the tension through stimulation so that she will reach that explosion of release – which is already the female orgasm.

Female orgasms

 3. Aside from the  obvious perks of  reaching a female  orgasm, there are  also health benefits  which are in it for  them.

Let’s say that  women needed  another reason for  reaching an orgasm  besides its being extremely pleasurable. Its health benefits include being less sensitive to pain, relief in menstrual cramps and it also alleviates stress.

There you have it – the top three female orgasm facts that men need to know about. So what are you waiting for? Sharpen your sexual techniques now so that you can give that special woman in your life a female orgasm that she’s not bound to forget!

Fortunately for women, gone are the days when it is commonplace for them to have sex and not reach an orgasm. As sex experts have started delving deeper into female sexuality, there has been more awareness about what female orgasm is all about.


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